The best support, is the personal support.
Kontakt aufnehmen Personal advice and support are very important to us and we are happy to and will be happy to accompany you from the pre-sales stage right through to the installation.

Before buying EDV - network technology services questions always come up.

How do I connect the IT devices such as router/switch actuators & Co? What do I have to pay attention to?

Also after the purchase of the versch. Services we are at your side. Together we will set up your configuration and explain the functions.
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Kontakt aufnehmen
Help with configuration.
Sometimes it's small mistakes, which is why you need the direct support to make everything work properly.

Here we offer you free remote maintenance software "app/program" with Anydesk. In the process you must not even Anydesk installed. Together we will look at your settings and help you find the correct configuration to set. Together, we'll look at your settings and help you get the set correct configuration.

Special is special ...
One works with the mentality according to the Toyota principle ...
In the retrofitting of the EDP (esp. the network hierarchy) in old / but also new but also new buildings so different types of buildings and special objects to find an acceptable solution, starting from the cabling to the to the eventual wall distributor in the central networking !!!

Nothing is impossible ... Can`t - doesn`t exist ... also in the network technology

Customer protection / User protection
Users who are registered use the forum like any other forum in this world
Thus in discussion User "helps" user and or Direct Technical Support (customer installation) for each end device:

Router, access points, repeater, radio relay, switch, cabling & Co, no matter what brand concerning - at your DSL connection. !

It is not a guest something - discussions are thus not PUBLIC for each led, out respect for privacy ... esp. firewall - VLAN - switching - VLAN link integration
Quote : Safety should also be close to your heart ... It starts with any FAIL-information "online" on the net ... </NetTeleWorker>