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TERMIN EDP/Network Technology (network maker) in appointment agreement beyond the normal contact Recording is the One Way // System Administrative Settings the way via the Support Forum. In particular, the old building rehabilitation and or also new buildings in the building plan fair smart home Installation.

Together according to your "measure" : the planning - organization (hardware/software components) - deadline realization - the implementation and the functional handover from one hand (plus in consultation with the KfW options). So that it is also with you on a string with all devices simultaneously whether it's TV streaming, chat, video conferencing, VPN home office connection, or the gaming console in your IT environment.

As a rule, the experience values of customer realizations "with teamwork of customers on their own / eg roofers, electricians, masons in the integration" is subject to a wiring in central networking in the time lapse of 3-5 days. - depending on the environment variables. Depending on the calculation, the working hours average is between 400 Euro to 1800 Euro - after your environment plus the material (from the small connector to the wall distributor via the 24 port switch "management/unmanagement").
In the realization/implementation - depending on the effort - are aides "e.g. craft work masonry/cable laying/small works" in the budget of labor hours included in the calculation

For you, that means :
no other hidden costs or Excessive temporary employee costs - up to the functional transfer with Support Service.

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Network Maker - the technician comes to you
In the act of going to a store ? - No, with these EDP technology / network technology / IT services you are here out of place:

One coordinates with you together "according to your wishes" the construction, the network plan for your data connection inside your buildings - nothing else, started, the planning (with/without architect), the procurement, the assembly, the installation, the administration- Functional in handover., including long-term support, either directly on site or online via the support forum. "Special is special"

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[ Services : Planning - Procurement - Material Processing - Testing - Functional Handover ]

Planning means with network macher that locally in common calculation with zb. building work craftsmen locally with are merged - or in arrangement the Common planning from already existing craftsmen ... It is your infrastructure (IT environment - smartHome - Office & Co) for your DSL connection - separated from any electrics in extra structure (eg.VLAN planning including KNX "One line") the distribution ... network planning which belongs from the beginning of the blank sheet of paper. Visits to you after Sheduling - the construction plan pleasant of the arrangements!