Partner Cooperations

IT Verkabelung Partners & disbritutions in collaboration for your wellbeing environment in implementation
It does not matter if it is your property and or the business park
If possible all IT environments with the latest technology in realization for your smartHome / smartOffice in the EDP/Network Technology - Security technology Construction plan fair in the network level planning ( with Enterprice mode or at the Homer router )

Various external providers in activation for the implementations at your site
It can happen depending on the environment variable, that you have to plan a partner plus with, the technicians take care of the network technology and its maintenance, maintenance and the pre-installation, also administratively.
Thus, for example, KNX Loxone, Bosch or Gira, the 2 bus system wiring on the DIN rail is subject to the partner in external performance, the connection of the network technology is taken over by the network maker extensively, eg Gateway, or WLAN actuators in the connection.

Next generations door phone on IP Basis for your own home residential economy (network/intraNET)
With Alphago IP video doorphone, you can monitor your front door without cloud constraint.
The ALP-600 offers you a graphical user interface, so you have full control and can decide for yourself which functions to use and how to notify.

The system is more than a door intercom and can also be used as a surveillance camera. As a surveillance camera, the system can be integrated into various NVR systems. Likewise, a connection to QNAP or Synology is available. Due to the integrated motion detection, the function as a surveillance camera is ideally suited.

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Welcome to the future
Sophisticated design meets network technology Finally, simple IT that just works -. A true multi-application network operating system

Learn more about your network than ever before

IT Verkabelung

they do that
from the cabling to the wall distributor in the later functional system administration in handover - Simply contact us by e-mail or telephone for an appointment at your site.

About Distributions orders network maker stadium periphery, plus but also Netgear, HP, Cisco, LanCom or other equipment, also well-known CAT cabling from Liebernetz and patch cables from LogiLink or other well-known manufacturers as well as Digitus for the wall manifolds, this in consultation and budget calculation together with you, as needed, according to construction plan. of your environment variables.

These materials in order and in installation at your place in functional delivery
(plus after arrangement the maintenance support against hourly rate in the surcharge // the support long-term is thus cheaper)

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Thus thus the wiring of the network with etwailigen EDP plants in the assembly and installation, because it is an extra network in the entire planning, thus 2 different shoes in the home automation. Here are 4 customers in the customer satisfaction existing / Lexone Gira - concrete idyll of the other league. With two`en is in the night compatibility of the security area and the WLAN option with “Devel” WLAN speaker intregation has been installed, functional with 1200 MBit, 3 access points wired in the Pro version

Next generations door phone on IP Basis for your residential (network/intraNET)
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Door phones are installed & mounted only with the latest IT technology of the NeXt generation, because the old technologies are not smart home compatible and Economically in installation & assembly an additional expenditure arises - nevertheless, here the assembly & price class in the decision plays the role // CAT or 2 wire // in picture(s) : Customer photo Goliath

A multi-family unit is in the brand a long-term investment and prepared for the future - again for single fighters in recommendation AVM compatible of the manufacturer without cloud constraint alphago (plus tablet - smartphone as IP telephony [with also DDNS] setup for the external letter carrier instruction) and the FritzPhone an Inteligent (smart) possibility - tradesmen / middle class rather enjoy the Ubiquiti Doorbell Variant. (Ex: VoIP, SIP Asterisk account in parallel call SmartPhone and or other mobile devices // letter carrier in instruction // other security aspects)

Thus, any IT installations of administrative settings for customer satisfaction, tied to the network technology in setting.
25 years of practical experience - which speaks for itself ...
At your place after appointment in realization, functional handover

Technical IT installations are carried out by the

Server / Network Attached Storage installations - commercial SMEs Installations - Networking smart Home / smart Office and Home Office Installations connected to various security areas such as door intercoms - video surveillance
What our customers say
Thomas H.
Lay network cable in rental apartment
Took a little longer than expected, but the man pulled it off, it works and it looks GOOD!

Christian M.
Network, connection, printer, wifi
Top! There is nothing to complain about. Everything is done, everything is running, that's how you imagine it as a customer!!!! Gladly again.

Alexander O.
Hole for cable laying
Fast processing, uncomplicated, very nice, has a clue in the field, craftsmanship, flexible, resourceful, professional, always happy to return!

Björn R.
Patch network cabinet (24 ports)
The performance was impeccable and the commitment was much greater than we had experienced with many a craftsman. Even if it took longer: when he went, everything worked. And flawlessly. Gladly again.

Katharina T.
Lay LAN cable through 3 walls
Fast, friendly, very dedicated, highly recommended!!!

Norman M.
Laying network cable from basement to ground floor
Clean and convincing work, fast availability. Acceptable price

Dirk S.
Connect LAN cable without plug to router
Everything super!

P. Pohl
Internet and telephone system newly connected
We are very satisfied with the service provided. The work was done professionally high quality and it was still explained what is done and why.
A top professional whom we can recommend with a clear conscience.

Wolfgang T
Install router, apartment
Fast, precise, prudent. Very good work.

Rolf M.
Cable Cat 7
I was very well advised. The execution was clean and speedy. I am very satisfied.

Dirk R.
Connect network cable to patch panel
Done quickly and competently.

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Energy crisis "War Covid & Co":
from location (NWO 120 km) only the Lower Saxony area served, exceptions root customers before the start of Covid-19 (Remote maintenance in the reservation), thus insb. the north, west and eastern area in the periphery of 120 km, thus are starting from 01.11.2022 inquiries and new clientele from North-Rhine/Westphalia completely excluded - as well the etwail border areas !

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