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One works with the mentality according to the Toyota principle ... In the retrofitting of the EDP (esp. the network hierarchy) in old / but also new buildings thus different building types and special objects to find an acceptable solution, starting from the cabling up to the possible wall distributor in the central networking !!!!

   Enterprise EDP technology - network technology / IT
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One has put the focus on the EDP technology of the network environments in your area smart home / smart office. of your IT environment / structure, your infrastructure, planned, construction plan fair & implemented...

The efficiency which is to your satisfaction in the foreground, is to us more at the heart in the functional Qualitativen handing over in your EDP - network environment.
One is endeavored after your desires the possibilities in your environment to convert, take up simply contact!

Nothing is impossible ...
Can`t - doesn`t exist ... also in the Network Technology

IT service provider with craftsmanship and know how / experience with years of customer practice ...
aus EDP software and hardware esp. network technology, starting from token ring to star topology, with today's CAT 7-7A-8 or fiber optic cable - today's fiber technology. !!!

In the 20 century of the beginnings of the millennium the first networkings of the Internet Cafe`s up to the further trade & middle class. / from Layer 1 to Layer 3 routing ...

25 years of practical experience - which speaks for itself ...
At your place after appointment in realization, functional handover

Network Maker - the technician comes to you
In the act of going to a store ? - No, with these EDP technology / network technology / IT services you are here out of place:

One coordinates with you together "according to your wishes" the construction, the network plan for your data connection inside your buildings - nothing else, started, the planning (with/without architect), the procurement, the assembly, the installation, the administration- Functional in handover., including long-term support, either directly on site or online via the support forum. "Special is special"

With flair in design for your future
[ Services : Planning - Procurement - Material Processing - Testing - Functional Handover ]

Planning means with network macher that locally in common calculation with zb. building work craftsmen locally with are merged - or in arrangement the Common planning from already existing craftsmen ... It is your infrastructure (IT environment - smartHome - Office & Co) for your DSL connection - separated from any electrics in extra structure (eg.VLAN planning including KNX "One line") the distribution ... network planning which belongs from the beginning of the blank sheet of paper. Visits to you after Sheduling - the construction plan pleasant of the arrangements!

   Industry Specific : Special is specifically since millennium for you in your satisfaction on the road ...
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25 years of practical experience - which speaks for itself ...
At your place after appointment in realization, in functional handing over

Marktplatz Mittelstand MyHammer Wir sind Handwerk My Home Connection
The technician is endeavored, speziel after EXPRESSIONS, after contact (Telefonisch / EMail) to deal with your environment in a professional manner.
That is, after contact, the technician will deal specifically with your environment (hardware/software) according to the state of the art - thus according to the state of knowledge from the 90s, millennium and the current years with your constellation.

For your satisfaction.

Special is special ...
One works with the mentality according to the Toyota principle ...
In the retrofitting of the EDP (esp. the network hierarchy) in old / but also new but also new buildings so different types of buildings and special objects to find an acceptable solution, starting from the cabling to the to the eventual wall distributor in the central networking !!!

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Customers from EDP - Network - IT
58 % from the private residential sector - 42 % from the middle class
What our customers say
Thomas H.
Lay network cable in rental apartment
Took a little longer than expected, but the man pulled it off, it works and it looks GOOD!

Christian M.
Network, connection, printer, wifi
Top! There is nothing to complain about. Everything is done, everything is running, that's how you imagine it as a customer!!!! Gladly again.

Alexander O.
Hole for cable laying
Fast processing, uncomplicated, very nice, has a clue in the field, craftsmanship, flexible, resourceful, professional, always happy to return!

Björn R.
Patch network cabinet (24 ports)
The performance was impeccable and the commitment was much greater than we had experienced with many a craftsman. Even if it took longer: when he went, everything worked. And flawlessly. Gladly again.

Katharina T.
Lay LAN cable through 3 walls
Fast, friendly, very dedicated, highly recommended!!!

Norman M.
Laying network cable from basement to ground floor
Clean and convincing work, fast availability. Acceptable price

Dirk S.
Connect LAN cable without plug to router
Everything super!

P. Pohl
Internet and telephone system newly connected
We are very satisfied with the service provided. The work was done professionally high quality and it was still explained what is done and why.
A top professional whom we can recommend with a clear conscience.

Wolfgang T
Install router, apartment
Fast, precise, prudent. Very good work.

Rolf M.
Cable Cat 7
I was very well advised. The execution was clean and speedy. I am very satisfied.

Dirk R.
Connect network cable to patch panel
Done quickly and competently.

Special is special ...
on the road for you in Lower Saxony Mobile ...
With flair in design for your future

Energy crisis "War Covid & Co":
from location (NWO 120 km) only the Lower Saxony area served, exceptions root customers before the start of Covid-19 (Remote maintenance in the reservation), thus insb. the north, west and eastern area in the periphery of 120 km, thus are starting from 01.11.2022 inquiries and new clientele from North-Rhine/Westphalia completely excluded - as well the etwail border areas !

Make an appointment for your DSL line upgrade, be it VDSL 2 wire, coax cable, or even fiber optic connection:
Emmertal - Hameln - Hessisch Oldendorf - Auetal - Bad Nenndorf - Bad Münder - Springe - Coppenbrücke - Nordstemmen - Salzhemmendorf - Boden Werder - Pattensen - Laatzen - Hannover - Lehrte - Burgdorf - Langenhagen - Nienburg - Schwamstedt - Verden - Bassum - Bremen - and and and any surroundings within the radius from Bad Pyrmont of 120 km - thus the north, the eastern and western part of Lower Saxony.

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